OH MY GOD! Trump Just Stepped on Stage in Panama City Florida and Got the SURPRISE of His LIFETIME!

The American media would have you believe that Donald Trump is not winning these elections and that he does not have the supporter base as Hillary Clinton does.

Donald Trump had an event in Florida, and afterwards, the media were all over him about not being able to gather a mass crowd. They also stated that Florida now belongs to Hillary Clinton if votes are concerned.

However, the situation in Florida says otherwise.

VIA Liberty Writers News

Trump held a rally in Panama City Beach Florida and brought in a crowd no one could believe!

The rally was held at Aaron Bessant Park, a location with a maximum capacity of 7,500 people.

When Trump stepped on stage he greeted 30,000 supporters chanting his name!!!

It was the biggest public event in HISTORY for Panama City!

This is a picture showing a bird’s eye view of the rally…


Hillary Clinton had an event in Florida as well. Her event, held in Miami, pulled a crowd of around 1,000 people. 1/30th the size of Trump’s event!


Although the media won’t let us believe that Trump is capable of winning these elections, everything points out that he is! And we are here to make sure of that by sharing stories like this one!

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