Oh-so-respectable citizens throw rocks, injure police because Donald Trump showed up to say words

If these are the people who don’t want Trump, maybe we should have Trump.

If you don’t think the comparison is fair, you’re certainly welcome to say so, but here’s the thought I just had: As you know, I believe Hillary Clinton is a horrendously awful monster of a human being, thoroughly saturated with corruption and self-interested in every way. A liar. A poseur. A rotten blotch on the landscape who seeks the presidency for her own indulgent gratification, not because she is able to do it well or because she offers any plausible reason she should be chosen for it.

So to summarize, I am horrified at the prospect of a Hillary presidency and I believe it would be devastating to this country. If you read me at all, of course, you already know this.

That said, it never occurred to me to show up where she is supposed to speak and a) throw rocks; b) block traffic; c) overturn barricades; or d) injure police officers tasked with stopping all this and more from happening. It’s not because I want her to speak. Quite the opposite, I wish she would go away and never say another word to anyone – at least not that I need to hear about. But I guess I’m enough of an adult that I understand life doens’t always go the way I want it to, and I can’t force people into silence just because they are disagreeable to me.

So when Hillary comes to the Detroit area, as she wretchedly has several time and surely will many more during the general election campaign (Michigan being a “battleground state,” or so I’m told), I will just have to suck it up and deal with the fact that she’s here, she’s lying, she’s peddling nonsense, and that’s life. The only thing I’ll throw is a baseball to my son.

And I’m hardly alone. When was the last time a group of conservatives and/or Christians showed up at a Hillary rally and perpetrated violence, chaos or mayhem? Never. It doesn’t happen. It’s not because we object to Hillary any less than Trump’s opponents object to him. It’s because we’re grownups and we don’t act like that.

Now, contrast that with what happened in New Mexico last night:

Hundreds of protesters tried to swarm the convention center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Trump spoke on Tuesday, knocking down barricades and hurling rocks and bottles at police officers dressed in riot gear.

Police said they made arrests both outside and inside the rally, where protesters continually interrupted the billionaire New York developer’s speech. The police department’s Twitter feed said officers were treated for injuries caused by thrown rocks.

Outside the center, demonstrators chanted anti-Trump slogans and waved Mexican flags before they began climbing atop police cars and throwing objects. Police responded with smoke bombs and pepper spray.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Trump called the protesters “thugs who were flying the Mexican flag.”

“The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!” he said.

And Trump is 100 percent right. That’s exactly what they are. Criminals. Even if everything they believe about Donald Trump was correct, it wouldn’t change the fact that their behavior was criminal – nor would it excuse their criminality.

And here’s why this matters: We keep hearing that if Trump is elected, society will devolve into chaos and there will be riots in the streets. That might be true. But if it is, it’s not the fault of Trump. It’s the fault of the whiny, petulant, malevolent creeps who have chosen violence and societal disruption as their way of responding to someone they don’t like who might become president.

The people who act like this should not be rewarded in any way, especially not with the reward they seek – which is for Donald Trump not to become president. If these are the people who don’t want Trump, then let’s have Trump.

When you think about it, it’s no surprise that such people will probably go to the polls and vote for Hillary. She is a selfish criminal. They’re selfish criminals. Donald Trump correctly labels both of them. And they most definitely should not be rewarded for the things they do.

It is not an excuse that you just think Trump is so awful you can’t help yourself. Uh-uh, bro. However bad you think Trump is, I guarantee you I think Hillary is worse than that. Yet I can control myself. What’s your problem?

People like this shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

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