Only One Candidate For President Met With The Family Of Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

On December 23 2010, Kent Terry watched as his brother’s casket was lowered into the ground. At that moment, he promised himself he would seek justice for his brother; no matter how long it would take.

Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed with a gun obtained through the Obama Administration’s failed gunrunning scheme, Operation Fast and Furious. His brother, Kent, joined Sean to address what his family feels are the suspicious circumstances surrounding Brian’s death.

Kent also expressed his support for Donald Trump and his frustrations with Congress’ lack of action.

Suspicious circumstances surrounding Brian Terry’s death

The Terry family is convinced that they do not have all of the details surrounding Brian’s death:

  • In October of 2010, Kent says that Brian expressed to his mother that he was concerned “something bad” would happen at work and that he didn’t want to go back.
  • In January of 2011—just after Brian’s death—three border patrol union members visited with the Terry family and urged them to look into three emails that Brian had sent.
  • The family believes Brian caught on to what was happening with Operation Fast and Furious, and that he had been trying to report it to his superiors.
  • In March of 2011, the family says Brian’s computers were taken by the feds. They didn’t receive the computers back until November…and they had been completely wiped clean, according to the family. Nothing could be recovered.
  • In July of 2012, Kent went to Peck Canyon, Arizona to visit the site of Brian’s death. It was there that he says a border patrol agent told him that the family was being lied to about the specifics of Brian’s death by both the government and Border Patrol.

Kent’s Endorsement of Donald Trump

kent_and_trump_0_1464277899Kent also announced his support for Donald Trump in the interview, telling Sean that the business mogul was the only GOP presidential candidate to personally meet with the family.

Before meeting with the family (and earlier on in the primary process), Trump had personally reached out to Kent’s mother, Josephine to express his condolences.

Then, in early March 2016 Kent and his sister Michelle met with Trump at Washtenaw Community College in Warren, Michigan.

There were no cameras, no reporters, and no fanfare. Donald Trump simply wanted to meet with the family, pay his respects and make one promise:

If elected president—Trump told Kent that he would “open the books” on Fast and Furious and get the Terry family the answers they deserve.

“We had a 5-10 minute meeting with him…it was the first time I walked out of anywhere…and I said, ‘you know what I believe he’s the man that’s going to do it. He’s going to give us the answers.'”

Kent says Trump is a “stand up guy” and is very sincere about getting to the bottom of Fast and Furious.

Congress’ Broken Promises

It has been five years since Congressman Elijah Cummings looked Brian Terry’s mom, Josephine Terry, in the eyes during a Congressional hearing on Operation Fast and Furious and promised her that he “would not rest” until every single person responsible for the gunrunning operation was brought to justice.

Well, this December marks six years since Brian Terry’s death and no one has been held accountable for the disastrous gunrunning operation that killed two border patrol agents and hundreds of innocent Mexican civilians.

Kent would like to call on Congress to act—once and for all—and deliver answers to the American people.

He said to Sean, “Where’s Issa, where’s Grassley, where’s Gowdy, where’s Chaffetz? They were all pit bulls at the beginning of this Fast and Furious and all of a sudden they just shut it off like a light bulb.”

Listen to Sean’s full interview with Kent Terry, the brother of fallen border patrol agent Brian Terry:

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