Orlando Victim Reveals Absolutely Chilling Thing The Killer Did WHILE Shooting Him

As Americans attempt to process the deadliest mass shooting in the nation’s history, empathetic social media users have flooded the families of those injured or killed in Sunday morning’s massacre at an Orlando nightclub with their sentiments.

While the FBI has already released preliminary information suggesting Omar Mateen — the man identified as the shooter — was motivated by his Muslim faith, agents continue looking for details that might help prevent future violence. The dozens of victims transported from the shooting scene to a local hospital are expected to help investigators piece together the events of that deadly incident.

Norman Casiano, convalescing from four gunshot wounds he sustained while at the Pulse nightclub, has already publicly revealed what he and hundreds of others encountered.

The victim told Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy that he hid in a bathroom stall as the gunman slaughtered club patrons around him.

“He never spoke from when I was there,” Casiano said of the shooter. “He laughed when he was shooting inside of the stall. It was just like a laugh of satisfaction. Like, I’m getting done what I came here to do, and it is imprinted in my head forever.”

From the moment he heard the first gunshot, he said it was obvious something bad was happening.

“At that moment in time when I heard the gunshots it didn’t sound like anything coming from music or anything like that,” Casiano explained. “I just dove to the floor like I’ve seen many people do on TV when they see something like that happen, and I military crawled to the bathroom and I hid in the stall with about 30 other people.”

He recalled “seeing everyone’s face of just genuine fear” all around him, explaining everyone in the restroom kept quiet in an effort to keep their location from the shooter.

Before long, Casiano said, the sound of shots became louder and it was clear he and the others in the stall would be targeted next.

“Outside you could just hear bullet after bullet after bullet after bullet just going off as it got closer and closer to our stall,” he said.

Casiano said he never made eye contact with the shooter, noting he does not remember anything between hearing the shots and waking up in a hospital bed.

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