Ouch: Hillary’s Attempt To Commemorate Memorial Day Instantly Went Horribly Wrong

In light of her past, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s Memorial Day tribute seemed to many as an obligatory recognition of the true meaning of the day.

“Our fallen heroes deserve our profound gratitude for giving their lives to protect our freedom, today and every day,” she tweeted.

Unsurprisingly, rather than a heartfelt remark, many took her words as a reminder of fallen soldiers who died under her watch as Secretary of State.

“When you think Hillary and military, you think Benghazi,” wrote John S. Roberts on Young Conservatives.

Roberts noted that Clinton is “as unpopular with veterans as she is with Millennials, white males, and certain blocks of all other races.”

Between Benghazi and Clinton’s perceived lack of support for veterans, Twitter flooded with scathing responses to Clinton’s tweet.

Tatiana Wright sent tweets challenging Clinton’s record.

h/t: Independent Journal

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