OUTRAGE: What Obama Just Did to the White House Logo Will Make You Sick

There are many conspiracy theories floating out there about President Barack Obama. Some claim he is a Muslim, a terrorist or a Russian spy. However, what is known beyond any reasonable doubt is that he is largely incompetent and has little love for America. Proof of this can be found by looking no further that the White House logo, which was redesigned in 2009 after Obama was sworn into office.

Everyone known what the White House logo is supposed to look like — a portrait of the North Face of the White House — but what few people have noticed over the past few years was the change at the top of the logo.

For many years, the White House logo had the American flag flying on the top of the White House — as it does in real life. In Obama’s redesigned version, there is no American flag, just a white flag.

Here is what the original logo looked like:


And here is Obama’s sanitized version:


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