OUTRAGED DNC Delegate Just WENT OFF On Hillary Clinton!!!

Supporters of Bernie Sanders are waking up to the reality that the fix was in for Hillary all along, and they are now experiencing feelings of anger and loss at the effective end of his “political revolution.”

Leaked internal emails reveal that the DNC was committed to Mrs. Clinton all the way, and rigged the primary process by hosting debates from during the NFL championship games to Saturday nights when people were holiday shopping to advantage Hillary.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, former DNC chair, came under heavy fire and resigned on Sunday after the series of damaging leaks proved she and the DNC rigged the primary for a Hillary Clinton win.

Amid the chaos, the Democratic National Convention has been on the verge of crashing and burning.

In an effort to suppress the heavy support Sanders is receiving on the convention floor, the DNC has confiscated pro-Sanders signs. Sanders’ die-hard supporters have repeatedly shouted down convention speakers, booed every mention of Hillary Clinton and took to the streets to voice support for the liberal Vermont U.S. senator and his progressive agenda.

Exacerbating their fury, Bernie sold out to Hillary. The Vermont socialist endorsed Hillary and on Monday night called on his supporters to set aside their simmering anger and unite to support her.

A DNC delegate on the convention floor fervently damned Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party for rigging the election.

Looks like liberals are starting to realize that Hillary Clinton belongs in prison.

Sanders’ whole campaign was about not voting for establishment. He has thrown his own supporters under the bus by endorsing Hillary, who has had to cheat, bribe and fix the nomination process to win.

Hillary’s supporters may be apathetic to her corruption, but she is pulling wool over no one’s eyes. God bless this angry DNC delegate for not being afraid to speak up, even though she is a socialist. Bernie doesn’t believe in democracy. He doesn’t believe in capitalism. He believes the government should control everything.

Freedom only comes from people controlling and taking care of themselves. Not the government taking care of them. Bernie supporters need to vote Trump, it’s the only way to end Hillary crime family.

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