PANIC: Hillary Aide Begs Judge To Not Let THIS Recording Get Out… It Will Cause SHOCKWAVES

Now that Hillary Clinton’s aides are going to talk to the FBI over their boss’ private email server, one of the aides has begged a federal judge to order a conservative group not to release video or audio of her deposition.

According to Politico, Cheryl Mills was Clinton’s chief of staff while she was serving as secretary of state. Even though she’s not scheduled to talk to investigators in a deposition until Friday, she filed a motion Wednesday to prevent Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, from obtaining video or audio of her deposition under the Freedom of Information Act.

“We are concerned that snippets or soundbites of the deposition may be publicized in a way that exploits Ms. Mills’ image and voice in an unfair and misleading manner,” attorneys Beth Wilkinson and Alexandra Walsh, filing a motion on behalf of Mills, wrote in the brief to U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan.

“Ms. Mills is not a party to this action. She is a private citizen appearing voluntarily to assist in providing the limited discovery the Court has permitted … Judicial Watch should not be allowed to manipulate Ms. Mills’ testimony, and invade her personal privacy, to advance a partisan agenda that should have nothing to do with this litigation.”

A Judicial Watch spokeswoman said that they were evaluating the motion and would reply shortly.

It’s rather unique that Mills believes that certain quotes about testimony she has yet to give could be used out of context.

A reasonable assumption would be that Mills knows she’s going to say things that sound bad in context and is trying to keep them out of election advertisements.

What’s truly amazing, as well, is that the media hasn’t picked up on just how Nixonian this sounds. A top Clinton aide, seeking to bar audio and video from her deposition to be released to the public before the deposition has been given?

If this were Donald Trump — or George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, really any conservative figure — this would be a top story on the news. Instead, it’s buried in the back pages of Politico.

However, it does prove one thing — Hillary Clinton and her campaign are scared of what the American public might find out. And Donald Trump can’t stop smiling about that fact.

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