Parents of Woman Murdered by Illegal Alien Drop Legal HAMMER on Obama Agencies

Frustrated by the slow pace of justice and a seeming lack of acknowledgement of the conditions that resulted in their daughter’s untimely death in San Francisco last summer, the family of Kate Steinle have filed a lawsuit against local and federal officials they deem responsible.

Citing “failures at every level,” the lawsuit authored by Frank Pitre, lawyer for the Steinle family, states that the illegal immigrant who has admitted shooting Steinle with a stolen gun should have been held in custody, if not deported, and not walking free on the streets of San Francisco.

According to Fox News, the lawsuit specifically named the then-Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi as being at fault, as well as President Barack Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Bureau of Land Management.

Mirkarimi’s office had held but released the suspect in the killing, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, an illegal immigrant with multiple convictions and deportations on his record, in accordance with the city’s sanctuary policy for illegal immigrants.

ICE and BLM were named for their roles in the eventual killing — ICE for not pursuing the criminal suspect in the country illegally, and the BLM because the firearm Sanchez used to kill Steinle had been stolen from one of its agents.

Sadly, this lawsuit has become necessary because all other efforts to roll back or do away with local sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants and hold criminals accountable for their crimes have been stymied by liberals beholden to the leftist open-borders, “no-such-thing-as-an-illegal” ideal that shields illegal immigrants.

We mourn with the Steinles for the loss of their daughter, and we wish them the best of luck with their lawsuit, hopeful that it will result in the necessary changes being made to bring an end to the dangerous sanctuary city policies that favor criminal illegal immigrants over law-abiding American citizens.

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