Parking Garage Attendant Foils Terrorist Plan To Kill Trump Supporters at Houston Rally

At 1:18PM Friday, an large African-American man was observed lurking on the 4th floor of the Waterway Parking garage at #24 Waterway Street in the Woodlands, Texas with an assault rifle mounted to a tripod. Why is this significant?

#24 Waterside is adjacent to the Waterway Marriot Convention Center – the venue for Friday nights Houston Trump Rally.

The Montgomery County sheriff department arrested a man connected to the incident, that the New York Daily news has identified as “Kenny.”

At the time of his arrest, Kenny was inside the back of his van with the back doors open, facing a large crowd in front of the convention center.

Additionally numerous threats were posted on Twitter, prior to and after the rally, calling for the assassination of Donald Trump and his supporters. Said threats were ignored by the Secret Service, Houston FBI, and local police, says Mark Dice.

Considering the location and time the gunman was found, it is highly unlikely he was there to assassinate Donald Trump.

Donald Trump didn’t arrive at the convention center until 7:20 pm. Additionally, there is no place inside and or on top of the parking garage that would have offered the gunman a view of where Donald Trump entered the venue.

The secret service would never bring Trump into the front entrance of a venue, literally walking him within a few feet of hundreds of people who had not yet entered the venue to be screened through metal and explosive detectors.

 Trump supporters entered the front of this building - Trump entered the opposite side protected by the building itself.

Trump supporters entered the front of this building – Trump entered the opposite side protected by the building itself. This is what the shooter would have seen from the 4th floor of the parking garage. (stock photo – shot before people lined up for the rally)

Trump entered the venue through a side entrance of the convention center that did not offer the gunman or anyone with a sniper’s rifle an unobstructed opportunity to take a shot at Trump.


The New York Daily news and several other media sources claim a man, (‘Kenny’) donning a Trump T-shirt, was escorted from a police van in handcuffs, after he was picked up in a parking garage across the street from the Woodlands Waterway Marriott.

According to NBC News, “An hour before Trump arrived at the event venue, local law enforcement took a man away who was believed to have had a gun and was lurking in a nearby parking garage.”

A local news station in Houston, KPRC-TV reported that, “an armed man was taken into custody at the site of Donald Trump’s scheduled rally tonight in the Woodlands”

In another story, Click2Houston reported that About 30 minutes later he was back outside.

The handcuffs were off and he said, in an exclusive interview, that his “name is Kenny and it was all a misunderstanding.”

“Did you have a gun on you?” KPRC2’s Jen Bauer asked.

“No, of course not,” Kenny said.

“So was it a misunderstanding? What happened?” Bauer asked.

“I can’t say. But make America great again. Trump is going to be our next president,” Kenny said.

Deputies didn’t want him answering any more questions.

“We’re taking him home to his family,” they said.

The Huffington Post reported that the “gunman was released several hours later and taken home to his family.”

Parking Garage Exit - 24 Waterway Street, Friends Wood, Texas

Parking Garage Exit – #24 Waterway Street, the Woodlands, Texas


The video of Kenny was shot in front of the parking garage (see picture) he was found in, which is not on the property of the convention center, as the NBC affiliate story indicates.

The three-story parking garage (remember he was found on the 4th floor of a parking garage) at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott was completely full by 11:00 AM.

Additionally the video showing the police taking a large African-American man donning a Trump T-shirt out of a sheriff van to transfer him to a sheriff car, was taken in front of the exit of a two-sided six-story helix-parking garage at #24 Waterway Street, which is a good block away from the convention center.

A brief view in the video shows a big green dumpster across the street from where Kenny was taken out of the van. The dumpster sits next to an exit for another parking garage across the street from the garage at #24 Waterway.

One of the most important things that can be seen from the video is that the side of the Waterway parking garage that Kenny was driven out of before he was transferred to a sheriff car, is separate from its other side and has an unobstructed view of the front of the convention center.

The other side of the garage does not offer a view of the convention center. The only way to get to the other side of the garage is by going in to it from the street level. Why is this important?

If you did not know that the parking garage had two sides, you would not be able to realize it from the any view inside of the garage complex. Although the complex was built as one complex the two garages are separated by concrete walls.

For the police to have come out of the exit they came out of with their suspect (the other sides exits on another street) they could of only got there from coming out of the side facing the convention center.

The mainstream medias’ accounts of this story do not make any kind of sense whatsoever. If Kenny did not have a gun, why did the police handcuff and arrest him? (The police do not handcuff people they want to question.)

For argument sake, let us suppose that the police and secret service suspected that Kenny was mentally unhinged and that he did not have a gun. Why would they bring him into the convention center (as they claim) knowing Trump would be arriving there?

“Taking him home?” If he had done nothing wrong, why would the authorities take him home? Why would they release him if he was found with a sniper rifle in his possession?

What happened to his van they later towed from the garage, after having explosive sniffing dogs on loan from the TSA go over the van?

Why did the “deputies not want him answering any more of the reporters questions?”

Finally, take a good hard look at the video. Does Kenny look like any Trump supporter you have ever seen? And what significance do all the terror and assassination threats that were Tweeted prior to and after the story of the incident broke, have to do with this matter?

My wife and I were at the Trump rally. We stood in line for over 3 1/2 hours to end up inside after about 200 people were let in before us. There were literally thousands of people behind us who were turned away.

About 5,000 people gained admittance to the rally.

If Kenny had showed up an “hour” before Trump arrived as the mainstream media suggests, he would have never been allowed inside the rally because there would have been about 10,000 supporters standing in line in front of him, praying to get admitted. (Euronews – in the above video stated “hours”)

Any true supporter of Trump’s knows that the only way you’re going to get into a Trump rally, especially Trump rallies held in a small venues, is to show up hours before the event.

In every Trump rally to date, mass amounts of Trump supporters are turned away when venues are overcrowded. There is no chance in Hades that Kenny or anyone else showing up at the Woodland’s rally an hour before it started, would have ever been admitted.

The doors to the rally opened at 4:00 pm yesterday. By 5:48, the venue was completely packed- standing room only. The event started at 7:00 pm.

A Trump Dog - Cute dog dressed up with a wig and a sweater donning a Trump badge

A Trump Dog – Cute dog dressed up with a wig and a sweater donning a Trump badge


Around 1:30 PM yesterday, my wife, me and several other people observed what appeared to be twenty or more police vehicles rushing to the parking garage my wife and I had parked at earlier.

Not long afterwards, we all observed a police helicopter circling over the garage. Shortly thereafter, a van came out of the garage exit and stopped where about 50 police officers and what appeared to be secret service agents were gathered.

A handcuffed African-American man was taken out of the van and roughly put into the back of a sheriff’s car. The police left with him in the car about twenty minutes after he was thrown (with emphasis) into the back of the car.

Shortly after the man was put in the back of the sheriff car, another officer opened the van and pulled out what appeared to be an assault or sniper rifle with a large scope and tripod mounted to it, which he gave to a person I believe was a secret service agent.

Shortly after the police stormed the parking garage, TSA agents who were at the rally with explosive sniffing dogs, left the convention center and went to the parking garage.

About 40-minutes after the police, secret service and TSA arrived at the garage, we seen a white panel van come out of the exit of the garage hooked to a tow truck.

Long after an African-American man was hauled off in the sheriff’s car, what appeared to be federal officers and the local police, were seen going in and out of the same parking garage.

We all stood and watched this incident unfold over about a 90-minute period of time.

When my wife and I picked our car, we asked the parking garage attendant named Jim what had happened earlier at the garage. He told us that he did not know much about what had happened, but he was told they found an “African American guy armed with a sniper rifle in the back of van with the doors opened facing the convention center.”

Jim further elaborated that a woman he worked with observed a “big black guy with a big gun coming out of a white van” on their security cameras and called the police.

Can I say 100% sure that the person they arrested was the same person later described by the news as Kenny? No, I cannot. I was too far back from the scene to clearly make out his features.

However the size of the guy in the video (he was big – at least 300 lbs) and his race matches what we all seen.

The video of the arrest of Kenny was recorded in broad daylight – definitely not around the 6 pm time of day NBC reports that he was arrested.



Who knows, maybe there were two three hundred pound plus African-American men at the same parking garage, one later identified as Kenny and another man who was never reported.

In my opinion, if in fact Kenny was there to shoot anyone, he was there to shoot Trump supporters lined up in front of the convention center. If he had not been stopped from the location he was found at, he could have easily taken out 40-50 people before the police caught him.

I think Donald Trump needs to rethink his constant speeches about, “There is no place safer than a Trump rally.”

If a parking lot attendant had not been paying attention to a video monitor early yesterday afternoon, the front entrance way of the convention center would have probably been a very bloody mess.

Editors Comments:

As for “Kenny” or whatever his name is, he his probably on his way to Guantanamo Bay, never to be seen or heard from again.

As for the mainstream media – why in the hell can’t these idiots tell the truth? How long are these scumbags going to continue covering things up?

The mainstream media cannot seem to get their cover up — bullshit story straight. Folks, please read the few stories that are published about this incident. They are all contradicting each other. The mainstream medias’ explanation stinks of bullshit. This matter should not go untold.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see through the mainstream medias’ bullshit. Use your own common sense. Demand that our law enforcement and media explain what really happened.

Released after 30 minutes or 7 hours? Really?

Pistol, rifle or not armed?

Arrested for being in a parking garage? Did you see all the cops and feds waiting around the van? Are we suppose to believe he was just loitering in the parking garage?

Taken home by the cops? Not likely! Where did they take his vehicle? Why did they take his vehicle?

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