Pat Buchanan destroyes GOP establishment attempts to undermine Trump’s nomination

A recent report by the Politico claims that a “shadow campaign” has begun in order to deny GOP frontrunner Donald Trump the nomination at the GOP’s convention in July. According to the report, GOP insiders are attempting to persuade delegates to change their votes to either Ted Cruz or John Kasich if Trump fails to get the Republican nomination on the convention’s first ballot.

Pat Buchanan recently joined Hannity to discuss the GOP’s backroom dealing.

“Donald Trump represents a threat to the agenda of the establishment, the personnel of the establishment,” Buchanan told Hannity guest-host Tucker Carlson. “If he’s nominated and elected it becomes a different kind of Republican party. And what you’re seeing I think is the stark terror of the establishment in what they’re doing.”

Buchanan believes that Trump is not only striking fear into the hearts of the GOP establishment, but that he also has the potential to completely change the makeup of the Republican party itself and redraw the presidential election map.

“I think if you get Trump as the nominee his potential is going to those states where he did well — Michigan and I think he’s going to do well in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Go to those Rust Belt states — go after the Bernie Sanders Democrats, you know, white working-class folks, Reagan Democrats, and go and put together that kind of coalition. If he can get the Cruz people with him, I think you have the makings of a different, new, exciting, robust party.” Buchanan added that if Ted Cruz wins the nomination over Trump, many of the billionaire’s supporters will likely sit the election out.

“I think if Cruz takes it away from Trump, I think an awful lot of those folks just go home.”

Watch Pat Buchanan slam the  on Hannity:

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