Pat Buchanan: Wisconsin Could Halt Trump Or Give Him The Nomination

Brian Shin said: Peeps, Foxnews is propaganda news a lot worse than CNN or MSNBC! We fake, you take, not we report, you decide! Right now, it looks bad, but once the General election season gets under way, this will actually help Trump to get elected in LANDSLIDES since this will help to draw From THE Both sides of aisle … I tell you the truth; Trump shall win the cheesy Presidential Apprentice since it’s open primary, peeps, Whoever believes in the Magnificent Trump shall not perish, but TRUMP! Trump Towers! Brothers and sisters of Wisconsin, do untrusTED, instead, trusTRUMP and you shall be in the paradise with Trump right NOW!

Patrick J. Buchanan – Former GOP Presidential Candidate, Former Nixon and Reagan Staffer, and Author of ‘The Greatest Comeback’ joins Steve to discuss everything from Trump to terrorism.

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