Paul Ryan Flees from Women Whose Children were Killed by Illegal Immigrants

Paul Ryan’s epic fall from grace has been stunning. Less than a year ago, the Wisconsin Representative was heralded as the GOP’s only unifying figure in the House. He was supposed to be the only man that could bring together the frustrations of the far-right with the pragmatism of the party’s more moderate members.

Now, he’s fleeing his own home so that he can avoid speaking to women whose children were killed by illegal immigrants.

The women, called “angel moms,” have been protesting outside of the Speaker of the House’s private home all this week. They chose the speaker not only for his high rank within the GOP, but for his apparent hypocrisy when it comes to border security.

While the speaker was a major champion of the Gang of Eight immigration bill, he has since walked away from the issue entirely, refusing to discuss matters of immigration while Barack Obama is in the White House. While many Republicans disliked the bill, Ryan’s refusal to take up the issue also means that the wall that many Republicans have been fighting for cannot make it to the floor.

The heat is on Paul Ryan to push for tighter border security in America. Rather than listen, Ryan is running away entirely.

JANESVILLE, WI– American mothers, whose children were killed by illegal aliens, say that House Speaker Paul Ryan and members of his security detail fled from his guarded estate on Saturday as they attempted to present Ryan with the photos of their murdered children, and show him the true cost of his open borders agenda.
On Saturday, four “angel moms” held a press conference in front of Ryan’s personal border wall. The mothers explained that they deserved to be able to give heir children the same security that Ryan gives his children.

During the press event, the mothers announced their decision to endorse Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen in his effort to unseat Ryan in his August 9th primary election. Nehlen is running a campaign that is focused on securing the border and curbing immigration into the United States.

After discussing their families’ tragedies, the mother approached Ryan’s border wall and laid out banners featuring the photos of just some of the thousands of Americans who have been victimized as a result of the nation’s porous border.

“I saw Ryan on the back porch as the banners were being picked up and folded up,” said Tania Vojvodic, a volunteer with the campaign. “As I was walking with the mothers to the front, he entered into the back door of the house and slammed it. A few minutes later I saw him get into an SUV that departed with another behind it.”

The women were particularly irked by the presence of Ryan’s own property wall. He knows that walls work, but he refuses to talk about it, even if it can save lives.

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