Paul Ryan Meeting with Anti-Trump Billionaire

Paul Ryan is a typical politician.  He says one thing but does another.  He says he isn’t interested in running for President, but we’ve heard false claims from him before.  For example, it was not so long ago when Ryan said he wasn’t interested in the Speaker position — only to turn around and accept the position 3-weeks later.

In addition to running ads about himself that play to the tune of, “I’m running for President” — without actually saying it — he is now attending a National Republican Congressional Committee Fundraiser with one of Trump’s greatest adversaries

Paul Ryan will be speaking at the annual NCRR fundraiser April 25, at the home of billionaire couple Joe and Marlene Ricketts.   

The Ricketts family owns the Chicago CUBS.  They are the primary donors to a Super-PAC specifically created to block Donald Trump from winning the GOP nomination, called “Our Principals PAC” and have recently given $5 MIL to help fund it.


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