People are noticing something VERY ODD about Hillary’s recent photos…

We haven’t heard from America’s most disappointed election candidate in some time. Exactly what has Hillary Clinton been up to since her devastating loss?

It seems she can’t keep it together long enough to be seen in public with strangers. From a park to a grocery store, Clinton has been caught posing with average Americans. Yeah, uh, these photo ops of Clinton “meeting” regular people are staged.

Nevermind that in the latest staged image Hillary looks like death itself. No, the bigger news is that the person next to her is a PR rep known to work with Clinton!

You’d think if they were going to stage a photo, they would do it in a store with good lighting!

You also have to wonder why Clinton is bothering to stage photos at all, especially with so-called “regular” Americans. First, is it so hard to find an actual regular American who will pose with Clinton? She seems to have a lot of loyal fans out causing destruction in our streets… Oh right, all of those protesters were bought and paid for by George Soros.

So then, if regular people won’t pose with Clinton, why is she pretending to “muck around” with regular people? I mean, we all know the woman can’t stand the average American.

Could it because Clinton has finally realized why she lost the election? Has someone withstood her famous temper long enough to explain that regular Americans just don’t like her?

If Clinton is trying to get back into the average person’s good graces, she’s going about it the wrong way. Fake photo ops with smiling Americans in parks and grocery stores will not soften our heart to her crimes against us.

Instead, she could admit her crimes, stand a fair trial for them, and go off to jail where she belongs. She could detail to the FBI who hacked her server, if even she knows, and what information they might have gotten their hands on. She could apologize first to Ambassador Stevens’s family, along with his three fellow heroes’ families, and then to each American she has personally harmed.

But that would take too long, so why not just pose for some photos?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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