People Instantly Notice 1 Thing About Obama’s Hillary Endorsement That Has Them Calling Him A ‘Liar’

President Barack Obama formally endorsed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in a video that was released Thursday by her campaign. But soon, the staff at the Daily Caller noticed something strange about his attire.

Obama claimed to have recorded the video after he met with Sen. Bernie Sanders — “I had a great meeting with [Sen. Bernie Sanders] this week,” Obama said in the video — but his necktie says otherwise.

During his video endorsement of Clinton, Obama is wearing a tie featuring blue and white stripes. According to the Daily Caller, this is the same tie he wore Tuesday when he was meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra.

In fact, photos from Thursday reveal that Obama was wearing a purple-and-white-striped tie. The president is clearly seen walking around with Sanders in a different outfit than the one used in the video.

The Daily Caller jokingly asked if there was a secret government program which could bend space and time. But the general conclusion was that Obama lied and recorded the video at an earlier date.

Because rumors were swirling, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed the video was indeed recorded on Tuesday — the day the AP called the Democratic race for Clinton. People on Twitter took off, accusing the meeting with Sanders of being a sham.

Either that, or the president changes his clothes every few hours.

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