Philadelphia Schools Must Pay $2.3 Million for Anti-white Racism

Since President Obama’s first inauguration, this country has become more divided than it’s ever been.

If this were the 1800s, chances are there would be another Civil War on our hands. Modern social movements have painted Americans as oversensitive and violent, two things that couldn’t contradict each other more.

This leaves you to question . . . what is the end game?

Is it equality they’re after or dominance? And that’s not just a question that the ethnic communities should be asking themselves, but those who take any sort of social stance.

Is it legitimate? Or is it a play for attention? And in some cases, it’s neither of those things, just hatred, pure and simple.

Take the recent court ruling given to Philadelphia’s public school system.

A few years back, Security and Data Technologies was choses by the PSD to install security cameras at nineteen schools. Then suddenly, right out of the blue, their contract was cancelled and then given to a IBS Communications. On paper, that might not sound like a big deal, but wait until you read what happened.

s it turns out, it was all racial. An investigation by a Philadelphia newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirerfound that the initial contract was cancelled because Arlene Ackerman was fed up with the district giving contracts to “white-owned” companies.

So, after telling other PSD administrators she would make sure “all these white boys didn’t get contracts,” Ackerman canceled SDT’s contract and diverted it over to IBS, which had black ownership.

After Ackerman’s stunt was publicized, SDT sued, and the six-year legal odyssey finally ended Monday with a victory for the plaintiffs. A jury ruled that the district, along with Ackerman’s estate (she died in 2013), must pay out $2.3 million in damages. The damages cover $2.1 million in lost profits along with a small sum of compensatory damages.

“It’s been a long, hard journey. Justice was served,” SDT attorney Michael Homans told the Inquirer.

PSD says it is exploring a possible appeal.

This leaves one simple question . . . who is creating racism? Is it white people or people of other ethnicities?

Francis Dougherty, a member of the school’s reform committee, was fired after leaking Ackerman’s deeds to the press. Once again, justice was served, when he received $725,000 in compensation. However, nobody should be afraid of being fired for telling the truth.

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