PHOTO: Anti-Trump Flyers For Trump Rally Demand Violence… “Militant Opposition Is The Only Way”

Anti-Trump flyers seen being circulated before a Friday rally for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in Richmond, Virginia, contained some very disturbing words suggestive of violence.

“Militant opposition is the only way to deal with fascists,” one flyer distributed by the Richmond Struggle Committee Initiative read. “The radicals in San Diego had the right idea. Fascists must be shut down wherever they appear.”

The flyer essentially suggested that it was perfectly OK for protesters in San Diego to harass, spit on and beat up Trump supporters, whom they considered fascists.

Does anyone else see the epic irony in this? (WARNING: Graphic language not in this photo, but in the one a little further down.)

Fascism centers around control and domination, i.e., the suppression of all opposing ideas by a central authority that gets to determine what is and is not acceptable.

Enter the Richmond Struggle Committee Initiative, a group of zealots who aspire to prevent Trump supporters from congregating in public, let alone expressing their approval for the billionaire candidate.

“We take our inspiration from the workers of Spain who rose up by the millions to fight fascism when it came to their country,” another flyer seen Friday in Richmond read. “Passive resistance works in certain situations, but it has no impact on heartless racists.”

It is like a bunch of insane asylum patients sneaked into the nurse’s office and used her computer to print these flyers, because everything contained in them reeks of pure lunacy, not to mention a grave misunderstanding of history.

The flyers also exhibited a lack of knowledge regarding recent events.

“We fully support your right to self-defense, we do not expect you to take a beating by Trump goons in order for our march to ‘look good,’” one of the flyers read.

Except that news story after news story has shown Trump supporters being swarmed, beaten and stomped by Trump protesters — and not the other way around. But I guess that when one is clinically insane, facts and truth just don’t matter.


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