PHOTO: Brilliant Meme Destroys Political Correctness… I Didn’t Expect This!

Liberals routinely accuse conservatives of hating women and gays because they oppose abortion and gay marriage, as examples, but when it comes to the genuine contempt for women and gays held by Muslims, mum’s the word.

A new meme perfectly captured this odd phenomenon by showing a man telling a woman that he believes women should not have any rights and gays should be hanged.

“Wow, what a complete primitive a****** you are!” she replied. “You must be a Republican.”

But when the man reveals to her that he is in fact a Muslim and that those were simply his religious beliefs, her tone suddenly changed.


“Oh!” she replied. “I’m sorry! I apologize! I hope you don’t think I’m Islamophobic!”

There are several terms that accurately describe this phenomenon — hypocrisy, stupidity and mental disorder (in that liberalism is practically a mental disorder), among others — but the one that stands out the most is this: political correctness.

The disturbed liberal feels compelled to modify his or her speech when dealing with certain “special” people, lest his or her words offend said individuals.

One of the groups of people that liberals have designated as “special” is Muslims, whose ignoble views on women and gays automatically get a pass for no legitimate reason whatsoever, unless you consider the alleged existence of Islamophobia to be a valid excuse.

Liberals basically argue that people hate and discriminate against Muslims, meaning that Muslims must be protected like little children, the heinous nature of their views and actions (such as throwing gays off rooftops) notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, it is perfectly okay to castigate Republicans for their views, which, while disagreeable to some, certainly do not include robbing people of their genuine rights or tossing them off rooftops.

If liberalism isn’t a mental disorder, I don’t know what else to call it.

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