PHOTO: Cops Told They Can’t Sit at Booth… Stunned by What They See Waiting There

After going out to grab a bite to eat, a family was shocked to see a single reserved table on such a busy night. Knowing they had to bring awareness to the issue, a picture was taken before being posted online – and police officers everywhere have been left floored to see what was on the table at the time.

Although details pertaining to the matter are relatively unclear at the moment, the incident took place at a Texas Road House somewhere in the country. Fortunately, someone was smart enough to snap a quick pic and post it to social media so that everyone can see what went down in one of their restaurants lately.

As can be seen, staff in the restaurant decided to reserve one of the tables and set just 5 places around the booth. They also went on to post a sign at the table, explaining that the seats had been reserved in order to pay tribute to the 5 police officers killed in Dallas, Texas.

Shared by a Facebook page called Ohio Going Blue, the post’s description simply read, “Thank you Texas Roadhouse for remembering the#Dallas5 and preparing them a table tonight.” As one would imagine, the post has received its fair share of praise and support – but it seems that not everyone is happy about it.

According to several commenters under the picture, the flag is supposed to be flipped because the field of blue and stars need to be to the left. Although this may be technically correct, those who appreciate what the local Texas Roadhouse is doing say it’s the thought that counts.

Not everyone knows the proper etiquette when it comes to the American flag outside of the fact that it isn’t to touch the ground, but that’s not really the point here. What really matters is that this restaurant took time out of its day and maybe even sacrificed some revenue in order to pay tribute to fallen heroes. Whatever your stance on the flag debacle may be, no one can argue that what this eatery did deserves some major respect.

Headline: ConservativeTribune

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