PHOTO: Hillary’s Camp TRIGGERED By New Trump Shirt, Sends Out Horrified Statement

The whiny “safe space” babies who compromise Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff threw a collective fit of petulant tears this week after they spotted supporters of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump selling T-shirts that read, “”Trump That B****.” (Non-censored image below.)

“This isn’t just politics as usual,” a fundraising email from the campaign stated, according to the Washington Examiner. “Donald Trump isn’t just any Republican nominee — he’s inciting violence, and his rallies are hotbeds of anger and resentment. And if this is how he runs his campaign — imagine how he’d run our country.”

“This is what we’re dealing with,” the email, which also whined about Trump supporters chanting “Build that wall!” and carrying Confederate flags, continued. “Trump is a toxic threat to the very values we stand for. Chip in, get a free sticker, and say you’re ready to make sure he’ll never, ever be our president.”

In translation: Wah, wah, wah, wah, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Clinton’s juvenile staff members might want to consider growing up, because living in the adult world (versus a liberal fantasy land) necessitates having thick skin.

It also requires being in touch with reality, and the reality it that it has been supporters of Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders who have repeatedly been caught destroying cars, harassing Trump supporters and even attacking the police.

Now please point me to a single instance of Trump supporters acting that crazy. You can’t, can you?

Yes, Trump supporters believe in building a border wall. They also sometimes use profanity and find it humorous to refer to “Corrupt Hillary” as a b****. So what?

Excuse me, but every American possesses the right to free speech — and that includes the right to issue bogus accusations like the ones included in the fundraising email.

What Americans, including supporters of Hillary Clinton, do not have is the right to act like crazed animals. Perhaps if Clinton’s staff members were to calm down, stop crying and actually think about things, they might realize this.

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