PHOTO: Obama Does SHOCKING Thing To White House After 5 Dallas Cops Were Murdered

As we close out one of the most violent weeks in American history in regard to law enforcement, many have chosen to show their respects for the slain police officers in the Dallas shooting in many ways. Some have held vigils while others held a prayer meeting.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott even decided to light up the governor’s mansion with blue lights in honor of the five officers slain in the attack in Dallas. You might think Obama would have a similar reaction to the tragedy — but you’d be wrong.

No lights, no speeches honoring the brave officers and no sorrow.

In a sense, it’s not surprising. We wouldn’t expect Obama to show any kind of support for the police when all he has done throughout his two terms as president is fuel the narrative that police are out to shoot young, innocent black men.

It’s a shame and disgrace that our commander in chief chooses to show such disregard for our officers, and to not honor their deaths is despicable.

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