PHOTO: Picture of Hillary Goes Viral When People Notice What’s in the Background

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has had a difficult time earning the trust of Americans. Even die-hard liberals admit having a hard time trusting Clinton because of her terrible track record for telling the truth.

A recent photograph of Clinton has gone viral because it appeared that at the moment it was taken, cosmic forces of the universe aligned to reveal the true character of Clinton. In the photo, Clinton was speaking at a rally. Members of the audience were undoubtedly holding signs shaped like letters of the alphabet to spell out “Hillary.”

However, when this picture was snapped, some letters were left out of the photo and Clinton was in front of the letter “L” to make it appear that the letters spell “LIAR”. The result was priceless:

Clinton’s lies are far too numerous to list here, but the following video shows Clinton doing what she best — lying:

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