PHOTO: Trump Raises Money With EPIC New T-Shirts… What They Say Has Hillary FURIOUS

In a bid to drum up support, Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton recently began selling self-centered T-shirts that read “I’m With Her” — but when presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump heard about these shirts, he decided to start selling his own.

Unlike hers, however, his read, “I’m With You.”

See the difference?

“I’m with you, the American people,” Trump remarked about his shirts during a campaign speech this Wednesday, according to The Hill.

“She thinks it’s all about her. I know it’s all about you.”

In Clinton’s narcissistic mind, the world revolves around her — and it shows in more than just her tacky T-shirt slogan.

Consider, for instance, the way the former secretary of state still refuses to admit that her decision to use a private email address on a personal server to send and receive classified information hurt America’s national security and jeopardized the lives of countless servicemen.

Does she care, though? Nope. To her, it’s all just a big joke. Just listen to her laughing about it in the interview below, which was recorded last October:

I’m sorry, but what’s the punchline?

Continuing his rant against Clinton on Twitter later Wednesday afternoon, Trump added that Clinton thinks “she’s entitled to the office” and accused her of being a globalist.

“It’s a choice between Americanism and her corrupt globalism,” he tweeted in reference to the choice before every American — they must vote for either a patriotic businessman or a globalist stooge who cares more about illegal immigrants, for example, than she does her own people.

The choice seems pretty clear. One candidate believes the world should revolve around her and her globalist interests, while the other candidate argues that the world should instead revolve around everyday Americans like you and me.

So tell me … who do you prefer?

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