PHOTO: What Dems Just Built Around DNC Convention Site Has Trump In STITCHES

Democrat National Committee, circa summer 2015, when Donald Trump wanted to focus on illegal immigration: “Walls and fences simply don’t work!“

Democrat National Committee, circa summer 2016, when they’re holding their convention in Philadelphia: “JK, everybody!”

Yes, it appears that while the Democrats don’t believe it’s worth building a wall on the southern border to keep drug smugglers and Mexican gangs out, they’re perfectly happy building one around the site of their convention this summer to make sure that Bernie Bros stay out.

According to a report by WCAU-TV, the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia will have a massive wall built around it, purportedly to keep the more vocal supporters of Bernie Sanders out.

Yeah, they want walls to keep the Birkenstock-wearing contingent of their own party out of the Wells Fargo Center between July 25 to 28, but then they want to tell us that walls don’t work anywhere else. Nice try, guys!

Of course, last week, Hillary told Univision, “I think that building walls as an answer to issues facing our country is just not the right approach.”

It’s the wrong approach to the country, but the right approach for members of her party. Gotcha.

Donald Trump is definitely smiling over this, and you can tell why. This shows the massive hypocrisy of the DNC. Sure, our country should be welcoming for illegal immigrants — unless those illegal immigrants want to protest the rigged DNC candidate selection process. In that case, Build That Wall!

The fact is that the only reason the Democrat Party doesn’t want a wall is because they cynically realize that this increases their electoral chances. It’s equally bad for the people who are coming over, who are being exploited for cheap labor.

But this doesn’t matter to the Democrats, who like people being dependent on them. After all, if they weren’t, why would they vote Democrat?

That’s the real reason why the Democrats don’t want to build the wall — not because it wouldn’t be effective. Leave it to their actions in Philadelphia to show just how hypocritical they are.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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