PHOTOS – Hillary Humiliated By THIS Picture Leak, Her Campaign is Panicking!

Hillary Clinton had yet another embarrassing photo go viral. The mainstream media will not share this kind of imagery with you, fellow patriots, but the internet never sleeps and is brutally honest – just like Donald Trump.

Clinton showed up in Ohio once again over the weekend, but only a few hundred people bothered to come out and hear her speak.

Hillary decided to skip walking or riding through the Labor Day parade in Cleveland, where an actual large crowd had turned out.

The photos showing the Democrat again drawing only a lackluster crowd come on the heels of the FBI document dump, which proved even more embarrassing and problematic for Hillary.

Donald Trump was also in Ohio over the weekend, and both candidates actually shared a tarmac briefly.

Trump, unlike Hillary, garnered an enormous crowd, and he actually communicated and shook hands with the voters assembled along the rope line at a county fair.

For the past two weeks, the mainstream media have written off Donald Trump and essentially declared Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States.

Apparently, the liberal pundits did not get the memo informing them of how little we trust them or the one noting that We the People are perfectly capable of thinking for ourselves and WILL be the deciders come November.

On the morning news shows today, the mainstream media talking heads were shocked to discover that recent polls indicated the two candidates to be neck-and-neck.

The more the public sees and hears from and about Hillary Clinton, the more her honest and trustworthy numbers spiral downward.

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