Pigs Are Flying: MSNBC Calls Out Democrats for What We’ve Been Saying for Years….

We all know that MSNBC is not the most conservative of networks. But recently, even MSNBC has had to cover a real issue.

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt stated Tuesday that Democrats will have to answer for the rising Obamacare premiums. It has recently been reported that premiums in the Obamacare exchanges will rise by 22 percent.

Barack Obama said this week that the hike in Obamacare premiums is not his fault.

Please, Mr. President, I know that you only have a couple months left in office, but at some point you need to take responsibility for the failure of your signature piece of legislation.

The President continued to shift the blame when he stated he does not set premiums. So, the President is trying to convince the American people that when the AFFORDABLE Care Act is not affordable he is not at fault?

He is trying to wipe Americans’ memories of the many press conferences where he said that if we simply set up these exchanges our premiums would go down. Every time a socialist policy fails, the Democrats say it did so because it was not implemented properly. They never consider that it is up to them to determine how their plan can be implemented. If your plan could be implemented to do the opposite of what you want it to do, perhaps consider reworking that plan?

The American people aren’t foolish enough to fall for this line. They know that Obama is, at the end of the day, responsible for the failures of his administration. However, that’s not going to help Americans deal with the huge financial burden being placed upon them.

Amazingly, the President went on to say everyone who has insurance through their employers is not affected by this rise. They aren’t effected by the rise but they still would have been better off without Obamacare!

Mr. President, there simply needed to be more competition for health insurance, and this whole fiasco could have been avoided. You know, that whole remove the lines thing Donald Trump says that everyone laughs at… not so funny now, is it??

Hopefully we won’t be saying the same thing to a “Mrs. President” after November eighth, because she, too, has only false promises and tired excuses.

Kasie Hunt is right, Democrats up and down the ballot, including Hillary Clinton, need to take real ownership for the failure of the Affordable Care Act.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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