Police Officer Fired for Flying Confederate Flag in Her Yard

A long-time Roswell, Georgia police officer was fired for flying a confederate flag at her home in her front yard. “I was shocked at her obliviousness regarding the confederate flag,” Pastor Lee Jenkins, of Eagles Nest Church, said. “I believe one of the answers is dialogue, and maybe if we could come to the table, listen to each other, we can see unity and maybe we’ll see the dial move just a little bit,” Jenkins said.

So pastor Jenkins apparently feels that the correct way to “dialogue” with a long time police officer about a flag flying on her own property is to fire her and ruin her career in law enforcement. That is certainly not the type of pastor most of us are looking for.

Sgt Silvia Cotriss, the victim in this miscarriage of justice, was certainly within her rights to fly a flag on her own property. The fact that the politically correct fanatics have decided that the 1st amendment no longer applies if a word or symbol offends them is an indication that they do not understand the importance of our constitutional right.

Worse is that the police chief also does not understand the right.

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant was advised of the flag by pastor Jenkins during a community meeting.

“I was shocked at her obliviousness regarding the confederate flag.”

Grant then ordered an investigation and as a result of it, Sgt. Silvia Cotriss was fired.

Investigators say a passerby alerted a local pastor when he saw the police car parked next to the flag. The pastor then told Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant during a community meeting.

“I was shocked at her obliviousness regarding the confederate flag.”

Grant then ordered an investigation and as a result of it, Sgt. Silvia Cotriss was fired.

In the investigation, he found Cotriss told investigators that, “she didn’t see anything wrong with it” and “was unaware the flag had been adopted by neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.”

Investigators say the flag is visible using Google Earth, which Elliot confirmed.

“I appreciate the chief maintaining a high level of professional and ethical standards in the police force, and whatever decision he makes, I support because I know he is trying to do the right thing,” Jenkins said.

When the chief comes after pastor Jenkins for saying “hurtful” things about non-Christians, it will be interesting to see how supportive his is about the abrogation of the 1st amendment. Tyrants have always fought to limit speech or to change history in order to gain greater power.

The Left and Black Lives Matter are anxious to erase the history of the United States and symbols like the confederate flag from society today.  They even demand that statues of heroes from former generations be eliminated from the public square.  The next step will be a demand that genealogical records of ancestors be burned because they were Southerners.

Unfortunately, these book burners and history haters do not even know their history. Virtually all of these liberal bigots are unaware that the Democrat party was the party of slavery, of the Ku Klux Klan, and of the despicable treatment of slaves set free by the Civil War. If they don’t know these simple truths, how can they judge what should and should not be erased from our history?

But they “feel” bad, they are offended by symbols they know nothing about, and someone MUST pay a price. In this case, it is the hapless Sgt. Silvia Cotriss. And the pastor Lee Jenkins? I am sure that he feels great having ruined this woman’s life over a piece of cloth fluttering in her yard. I would not look for compassion or mercy from such a mean-spirited, judgemental man, and I would say that as a pastor he has not learned much from the Holy Bible.

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