Political Insider Says Ryan Set To Make Important Announcement About Trump

A report out Wednesday morning revealed that the feud between presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan may be quickly approaching an end, as the speaker was reportedly preparing to endorse the candidate.

“Paul Ryan is moving rapidly toward endorsing Donald Trump,” Politico announced. “We’re told Ryan has been steadily ‘getting there,’ helped notably by the super-conservative potential Supreme Court picks that Trump released last week.”

Moreover, a report published a day earlier by Bloomberg mentioned that Ryan has been telling his confidants that he wants to end the standoff before it further sharpens the divide currently present in the Republican Party.

What was unknown, however, was when exactly Ryan planned to endorse Trump.

“There’s no update and we’ve not told the Trump campaign to expect an endorsement,” Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong stated in an email, according to TheBlaze. “He’s also not told anyone he regrets anything.”

Hmm. These recent announcements sound about as bizarre as the revelation that South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has secretly been urging GOP donors to back Trump.

Ryan obviously knows what he needs to do, but something keeps holding him back from simply saying the magic words, “I endorse Donald Trump.” Perhaps it might be the pressure he faces from the “Never Trump” crowd, which has a fondness for going bonkers whenever any Republican dares to put party unity over their beefs?

Regardless, Trump reportedly planned to declare the party united the moment the speaker finally issues his endorsement, be it today, tomorrow or next week.

Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later, because a united Republican Party would be more than enough to make the Democrats, who remain as divided as ever over their corrupt primary process, quiver in their boots — and that would be a delightful sight to behold.

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