Poll: 77 Percent of World Wants Trump?

Unscientific survey finds GOP nominee the global favorite, except in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Mexico

An online global poll is suggesting that more than three-quarters of the world wants Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States.

The poll, conducted by the website worldwide.vote, asks “who does the world vote for U.S. president?” At the time of writing, over 120,000 people have voted.

Of the 48,346 Americans who have voted at the time of writing, 83 percent want Trump to be the next president.

The current results have Trump at 77 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 23 percent. Of the 48,346 Americans who have voted at the time of writing, 83 percent want Trump to be the next president.

Obviously this is not the world’s most scientific poll, having no real methodology to speak of. The U.S. has seen tens of thousands of people vote while many countries have logged fewer than 25 votes.

There is no restriction on the age of respondents, nor is there any way to gauge the actual citizenship of respondents — only their location. Finally, the poll still has 42 days left until it closes. Clearly, this poll and its results should be taken with a Hefty bag of salt.


Nevertheless, the results of the vote so far are telling — and hilarious — and would seem to lend support to the mountain of other evidence which suggests that the rise of Trump is merely one facet of a worldwide revolt against globalization.

Of the over 8,000 Brits who voted at the time of writing, 71 percent favor Trump. Over 6,200 Canadians have voted so far, and 78 percent of them favor Trump. A similar number of New Zealanders have cast votes, and a similar portion thereof — 79 percent — also favor Trump.

Seventy-two percent of Germans and 79 percent of Poles also wish to see Trump in the White House. Indeed, every single country in Europe save Denmark seems to want Trump to be president. Even in the new, globalist-backed Ukraine, Trump has squeaked by Clinton with 51 percent.

Equally as revealing are the largest four — out of only seven — countries in which Clinton is the presidential preference: Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan.

The only thing the Saudis and Iranians hate more than each other is Israel, yet they are apparently in agreement that a President Clinton would be preferable for their interests.

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