POLL: America Delivers Bombshell Message To Hillary… This Could Be Over

Remember a few months ago when the mainstream media was telling us that Donald Trump was unelectable, especially against Hillary Clinton?

Yeah, about that … it turns out to have been a complete lie, and we have the polls to prove it.

Recent polls have shown Trump closing on Clinton, with some even showing the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee catching or beating Clinton. And even while the mainstream media keeps on telling us over and over that Trump is having “a bad week” or some such nonsense, his numbers continue to grow.

It wasn’t a small margin, either. Trump was ahead by a 53 to 41 percent margin on the economy and 52 to 40 percent on terrorism. That’s a double digit lead on the two categories that will likely decide the election in November.

The poll, which was conducted between May 14 and May 17, had a margin of error of three points.

Why might the American people believe Donald Trump was better on the economy? Well, let’s see. There’s the fact that a Hillary Clinton presidency will be little more than a continuation of Barack Obama’s economy-killing policies. That’s what has given American its lowest labor participation rates since World War II and a crushing national debt.

Oh, and terrorism? Just ask Chris Stevens and the other three Americans killed at Benghazi. When Hillary Clinton got that 3 a.m. phone call, she decided to sleep in, leaving our men to die. And it’s not like it’s gotten any better — after all, as Trump says, “ask Hillary who blew up the plane last night.”

In fact, the only surprise here might be that the polls aren’t worse for Clinton.

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