Poll: Good News For Donald Trump In California

With the GOP primary race likely to come down to the wire, the state of California has taken on a greater level of significance than it has in recent election cycles. With the vast majority of the state’s delegates awarded by congressional districts, the candidates will likely be scrambling around the Golden State ahead of its June 7th primary.

If a recent poll of California’s Republican voters is any indication, June 7th could prove to be a good day for billionaire Donald Trump. A Capitol Weekly poll shows Trump with a commanding 18-point lead over his closest rival Texas Senator Ted Cruz:

Capitol Weekly writes:

Our California poll of 1,165 high propensity Republican voters has Trump currently atop the leader board by a comfortable margin. In the survey, conducted April 11 through April 14, Trump receives 41% of the vote, to Ted Cruz’s 23% and John Kasich’s 21%. A separate sample of 466 Republicans registered since the turn of the New Year has Trump ahead 53%-21%-15%, indicating that Trump’s overall lead among the expected turnout is a few points greater.

In addition to his state-wide lead, Trump is also showing well regionally, a sign that he could receive a significant percentage of the 159 delegates apportioned by congressional district.

Capitol Weekly breaks California down regionally as follows:

Northern California 01,02,03,04 43% 22% 16%
Bay Area 05,11,12,13,14,15,17,18,19 39% 23% 25%
Central Valley 09,10,16,21,22,23  35%  28%  18%
LA County White 25,26,27,28,30,33 48% 15% 23%
LA County Non-White 29,32,34,37,38,40,43,44 38% 25% 21%
Inland Empire 08,31,35,36,41 49% 22% 16%
Orange County 39,42,45,46,47,48  42% 27% 18%
San Diego 49,50,51,52,53 39%  22% 26%
Sacramento 06,07 54% 14% 13%
Central Coast 20,24,26 33% 23% 28%

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