POLL SHOCK: Majority Of Democrats Give Hillary The WORST News Of Her Entire Career

It’s no surprise that conservatives and Republicans aren’t too fond of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but a recent poll indicated that a majority of Democrats don’t care too much for her, either. A survey conducted by WPA Research revealed that a whopping 67 percent of registered Democrat voters would choose a third term for President Barack Obama over a Clinton win this November.

Another 28 percent of those polled said that they were ready to see Obama leave Washington, and 6 percent remained undecided.

African-American voters responded more strongly to the question, with 78 percent saying they’d like to see Obama serve one more term, and 38 percent of women, who are supposed to be Clinton’s strongest supporters, said they wouldn’t mind seeing the president stay in Washington for another four years.

“The results should give pause to the Hillary Clinton campaign as Democratic respondents clearly prefer the status quo to a Clinton presidency,” WPA said on its website.

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