Poll Shows Who The Military SURPRISINGLY Wants As The Next President

Perhaps the way to put these poll numbers into proper context, is to first gauge the popularity of the current Commander-in-Chief with that of his predecessor, and then match those poll number with that of “The Donald’s”

President George Bush enjoyed a good relationship with those men and woman in the armed forces, and as such had a 65% overall approval rating, compared to President Obama’s 54% overall “DISAPPROVEL RATING, as Commander-in-Chief, or to put it more precise a 15% approval rating.

However poll numbers are always in flux depending on a host of variables. A new survey of U.S. military service members reveals the troops favor Donald Trump.

The poll of 931 service members, conducted from March 9-14, spans from active-duty troops to reservists and National Guard members, although the findings are not scientific, Military Times reports.

Of survey respondents, 64% were enlisted and 36% said they were officers.

In total, 27% of troops listed GOP front-runner Donald Trump as their preferred candidate, with Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders following closely behind at 22% GOP Sen. Ted Cruz at 18%.

The numbers change slightly when broken down by service.

The Army and Marine Corps exhibit the highest levels of support for Trump, 30.95%t and 30.70%. In the Navy, however, Sanders takes the lead at 29.25% to Trump’s 23.58%. The same pattern holds true for the Air Force, where Sanders brought in 24.71% and Trump 22.35%.

h/t: Daily Caller

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