Preibus tells voters to shut up

Julius Jeng said: Rience, tell your people to quit calling me, I’m not donating or coming back to the GOP unless Trump is elected.

Mo Horan said: The problem with what happened in Colorado doesn’t lie in the process, it lies in the abuse of that process. The GOP was colluding against Donald J. Trump. That is evidenced by the tweet they put out after the election, which was: “We did it! “#NeverTrump“. This is proof that their was a collaboration. Whether the person who wrote the tweet is reprimanded or not, does not erase the obvious evidence of the collaborative effort on the part of the GOP. There is also the fact that delegates who planned to support Trump were threatened and warned to switch to Cruz or they would be removed. And then they WERE removed. As well as errors on the ballot that removed the number for the Trump delegate and replaced it with the number for a Cruz delegate, so that Cruz’s delegate appeared twice. We are not stupid Reince Priebus, nor are we whiners as Cruz contends. Elections should not be about intimidation, maneuvering and printing faulty ballots. And the GOP should shun the #NeverTrump position they had in Colorado.

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