President Obama Was Asked About The Dallas Cop Killer’s Motives, His Answer Left Me SPEECHLESS

President Obama recently spoke at the NATO Summit in Warsaw and was asked about the motives of Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson. His response left me completely dumbfounded.

He said it’s “very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter.” I’m dead serious.

Obama continued to say that all mass shooters are troubled. What causes them to commit their heinous crimes? He has no clue. In fact, he said he’s going to leave that to the psychologists and “people who study these kinds of incidents.” He ultimately said that Johnson used the recent police-civilian incidents as an excuse for his behavior. When Johnson told police he wanted to “kill white people,” he didn’t actually mean that. That was just an excuse.

President Obama also mentioned the Charleston shooting, using it as an example of how he and his administration didn’t blame an entire race/ideology/group for the actions of one insane, angry individual. Hilarious, considering that’s precisely what they did. Need I remind everyone how long Obama obsessed over inanimate objects and those who possessed them?

Obama doesn’t know the motives of the Dallas shooter. He hasn’t the faintest idea.

I’m just gonna leave this here.


That *IS* the question.

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