President Obama’s Brother Explains Why He’s Voting For Donald Trump

President Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama joined ‘Hannity’ on Wednesday to discuss whom he’ll be voting for this November. And surprisingly, it’s not the candidate on his brother’s political party ticket.

“Who are you voting for this election?” Sean asked Malik.

“Mr. Trump,” he told Sean.

“Why Trump?”

“He built a fantastic business empire, and I don’t’ see why he can’t do that for the country,” Malik said.

He also told Hannity that he plans to vote Republican because it’s the party of Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves. Sean added that “it’s also the party that Lyndon Johnson relied on to pass the Civil Rights Act [and] the Voting Rights Act because people like Al Gore’s father and Hillary Clinton[‘s] … mentor Robert Byrd, who’s a former Klansman… filibustered and went against the Civil Rights Act.”

When asked about his relationship with his half-brother, Malik Obama answered, “Since he became president… he’s changed.” “He doesn’t even talk to you?” Sean wondered. “Well we talk, but it’s hard, you know I can’t reach him,” Malik responded. He then told Sean that he has to fight to get in the White House, which shocked Sean, who then asked: “You disappointed in him?” “I am,” Obama responded bluntly. “I think he has been sucked into that matrix, and mesmerized by the power,” he said later in the interview. “He’s just too formal and stiff…even when we’re alone.”

Hannity joked that they should both call up the president together to see if they could come visit him to keep him real.

Toward the end of the interview, Malik seemed particularly saddened by the time he saw a U.S. Marine and wanted a picture but his brother would not allow it. “It’s just a simple thing like that,” Obama’s brother said woefully. He justified the lack of facetime with the president by acknowledging the many demands the president has.

Hannity said, “If I’m the president, my brother gets to come whenever he wants,” Sean said. “He has a free pass. That’s just the way family is.”

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