Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally Held On Capitol Hill… Trump Is LOVING What Happened Next

Americans have grown weary of the problems associated with illegal immigration, and that frustration is a major factor in GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s popularity.

To illustrate just how fed up the public has become with illegal immigration, a pro-illegal immigration rally held in Washington to protest an anti-illegal immigration conference drew a huge crowd of about eight people.

The rally organizers set out to protest a two-day conference held by the Federation for American Immigration Reform at the Phoenix Park Hotel three blocks from the U.S. Capitol.

The conference featured 50 radio hosts, members of the media, lawmakers, experts, ranchers and law enforcement officials to discuss illegal and legal immigration.

The small group of protesters chanted “FAIR is a hate group,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Natalie Arriola, spokeswoman for the protest group, said the aim of the rally was to draw attention to FAIR for being anti-immigrant. She also said there would be another rally Thursday and that a whopping 20 people would participate.

The group left less than an hour after the protest, which was sponsored by the Center for Immigration Integrity, began.

FAIR spokesman Ira Mehlman said the protest group accused FAIR of being “mean,” and added that she didn’t think the eight people present were having an impact on those arriving at the conference, no matter what they were chanting.

That’s not surprising and probably because most thinking Americans understand the impact illegal immigration is having on the country — and most of it is negative.

Those attending the conference made their case for greater law enforcement.

Arizona rancher John Ladd said illegal immigrants were crawling all over land he owns that sits along 10 miles of the southern border — that is until the U.S. Border Patrol got involved.

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu added that drug trafficking in the U.S. has exploded due to illegal immigration.

Watch coverage of the event below:

The huge turnout for this protest illustrates just how Americans actually feel about those crossing the border illegally — they don’t like it and want our leaders to do something about it.

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