Pro-Trump Gov. Jan Brewer DESTROYS Hillary, Reveals THIS About Her ‘Woman Card’

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is full of spunk. She does not bow to the political elite – something she easily proved when she wagged her finger with complete abandon in Barack Obama’s face when he walked out of Air Force One and onto her turf.

“Every time we hear the left … it’s all about that Mr. Trump can’t get the women’s vote. Well, women don’t just vote because you’re a woman … they’re interested in all those other issues,” Jan Brewer said.

The former Arizona Governor also chastised Hillary Clinton for making up “Women’s Card” trinkets and charging folks $1 to receive them, the Washington Examiner reports.

“You know I’m on his team. He has got the will of the people behind him and of course I would be ready. I’d be willing to serve Mr. Trump in any capacity that he would want me to serve in,” Governor Brewer added.

Jan Brewer is exactly right – once again.

Liberals are demeaning both the intelligence and patriotism of women by suggesting women should vote for Hillary simply because of her gender.

Hillary is only playing the woman card because that is all she had left.

Running on her record hasn’t exactly worked out too well for her so far. Without Super Delegates in her pocket, the accomplished fundraising career politician would be getting beaten by a geriatric Socialist!

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