Queen Elizabeth Tells Obama “Don’t Bother Dropping By When You’re In Town”

As candidate and president, Barack Obama has not only mostly ignored our British ally, he has positively insulted them.

Queen Elizabeth is giving the president a taste of his own medicine

From Daily Mail:

The Queen refuses to come to London to meet President Barack Obama next month.

Instead, accompanied by his security circus, he’ll trundle to Windsor in his bomb-proof, seven-ton limo for lunch.

He’s due to stand alongside the PM and urge Britain to stay in the EU.

‘But he’d be well advised not to give a pro-EU sermon over lunch after the row about the Queen supporting Brexit,’ says my source.

Barack Obama has been minimal, to say the least, in his treatment of Great Britain.

He ordered the bronze bust of Winston Churchill – that had been given to the White House in a symbolic gesture of solidarity shortly after 9/11 – to be returned to the British embassy as soon as he moved into the Oval Office.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was denied a joint press conference and a formal dinner when he visited the White House in March of 2009, as is standard when world leaders have talks with the president.

One would expect our president (or at least our Vice President) to attend the funeral of Lady Margaret Thatcher in 2013, but Obama declared at the time that neither he nor Vice President Biden would attend.

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