QUESTION – Should Illegal Who Killed a 6-Year-Old Arizona Boy Face Death Penalty?

A drunk and coked up Guatemalan man ran a red light and hit a truck carrying a six-year-old boy riding in the bed of a pickup truck. The boy was thrown out of the truck and was killed, and now many individuals have one major question:

Should this illegal immigrant face capital punishment for this crime?

First of all, here are the facts. He admitted to drinking a small bottle of whiskey and then drinking 12 beers along with it.

He also admitted he used cocaine three times in the 18 hours preceding the terrible crash. In a nutshell, his negligence is what led to this innocent child being killed.

The fact that he was even here in the first place is a huge problem, and it illustrates the broken system we have now because of corrupt politicians who only want more votes.

It is no stretch of the imagination to say that I am completely seething over this action. This illegal Guatemalan immigrant is definitely responsible for it. This child will not be able to graduate high school, get married, or have children because of this man’s actions.

To the judge’s credit, he did set a $250,000 bond because he knew the man would be a flight risk. Unfortunately, he was only charged with manslaughter, so he probably won’t face the appropriate punishment.

Many people are angry though, and they want answers. They want a solid resolution to this case, but things remain upsetting for those who want a resolution.

The man was only charged with manslaughter. That’s it. I’ll let you the reader decide if he should face the highest punishment, but consider this:

If we can mete out the death penalty for killing an endangered species in certain parts of the world, then why can’t we mete out that same punishment for this situation?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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