RACIST VP SURPRISE! WikiLeaks Hits Hillary HARD Right Before Final Debate

Hillary Clinton and her liberal pals love to label Donald Trump and his tens of millions “basket of deplorables” supporters as racist and Islamophobic. However, the latest WikiLeaks email dump should alert Hillary to the fact that racism is running rampant within the upper echelons of her own campaign staff.

An email from John Podesta, Hillary’s long-trusted confidant and campaign manager, reveals the “four food groups” that were considered for her possible VP pick. The racial undertones of the phrase and the names offered up for vetting are readily apparent.


“Cheryl, Robby, Jake, Huma, Jennifer, and I also did a first cut of people to consider for VP. I have organized names in rough food groups,” Podesta said in the leaked email to other top Hillary Clinton campaign staffers.

There were about 40 possible running mates tossed out for consideration for Hillary Clinton. They were all grouped by race, ethnicity, or sex. Bernie Sanders was the only name that stood alone—at the very bottom of the list.

Some of the more notable names on the list included Eric Holder, who was, of course, listed in the black male “food group,” Bill Gates, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, Julian Castro, and Tom Vilsack. Tim Kaine’s name was not even at the top of the list in the middle age white guy section.

“Cheryl and I met with Jim Hamilton on Friday to discuss lawyers who can help do the research and vetting that I outlined in the VP vet memo we discussed,” John Podesta also said in the same email.

“We also met with Marc Elias to get his input on firms that have already provided substantial volunteer lawyer assistance and to get prepared to execute non-disclosure agreements with anyone we involve in the process.”

There were five names in the Hispanic potential VP “food group” section, and a grand total of seven women being considered to be a part of Hillary’s “historic” presidential ticket.

There were at least nine Wall Street donor class types in the running to become Hillary’s vice presidential running mate. Tim Cook, Mary Barra, and Muhtar Kent are all wealthy CEOs considered at least during the first round of VP deliberations.

The Hillary Clinton VP list was sent on March 17. She apparently felt she had finally reached the point where Bernie Sanders was no longer a serious threat to garnering the nomination.

Why and how Tim Kaine was ultimately chosen as Hillary’s running mate has not yet been detailed in any of the Wikileaks email releases. Maybe Julian Assange is saving that tidbit of information as one of the truth bombs he will surely be releasing between now and election day!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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