Radio Host Swears To Always Be #NeverTrump… Then Gets Handwritten Note

Popular radio host Charlie Sykes is still part of the #NeverTrump campaign, even after receiving a handwritten note from the presumed Republican presidential nominee himself.

Sykes told Politico that although his mind was not changed about the presumptive GOP nominee, he does have a better opinion about Trump after receiving the letter.

The letter, which was the front page of a copy of The New York Times, featured Donald Trump’s signature along with a little note.

“Charlie — I hope you can change your mind. Look forward to doing your show,” Trump said. “I WILL WIN!”


“I do think that it puts him in a reasonably good light that he would take the time to reach out to somebody who has been as sharply critical of him as I have,” Sykes said.

“And I have been very, very critical of the way he has insulted people, his refusal to apologize, and I will tell you, in fact I’m gonna post a picture of it so you can see, it’s very unusual. It is not your typical note, but then again Donald Trump is not your typical guy.”

“I appreciate the outreach. But still #NeverTrump,” he continued.

Despite the radio host’s negative attitude toward Trump, Sykes did admit that he will consider having the businessman-turned-politician on his show in the future.

“Of course,” Sykes told the news source when asked if he would have Trump on the show before the Republican National Convention.

“We had so much fun last time,” he admitted.

If anyone could change the hearts and minds of people, it is Donald Trump.

Perhaps this is not the last time that Sykes will hear from the possible future president of the United States.

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