Rand Stands by GOP Pledge: “I will support Donald Trump,” showers invective on Ted Cruz

First it was Stand with Rand, now it’s Rand standing by his word. The Kentucky Senator known for his libertarian stances and popular among the liberty wing of the GOP is now saying he will vote for Trump, and do whatever he can to ensure his election.

Rand and Cruz,friends in 2013, have grown apart. Cruz seemed to ingratiate himself with Rand Paul to gain some Ron Paul support, but now that Cruz’s pro-New World Order (LINK) plots are becoming exposed, the Senator is quick to condemn him. Ron Paul condemned the Texan as well.

Paul joked on April fools that he is going to make a “YUGE” endorsement, but it was just a clever joke from the Kentucky Senator known for his dry humor.

Rand Paul also said he would not endorse anyone in the Republican primary, though on Thursday he did tease out a “YUGE” endorsement announcement for the next day on Twitter.

As it turned out, Paul was not endorsing Trump or any other candidate, but rather “entropy.”

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