Really desperate anti-Trump SuperPAC now attacking Trump for being… pro-Oprah

Carolyn Hamrick said: Well I don’t like Oprah,and by the way what has Obama done for the black man? Not nothing, by the way Trump is a job maker. So you need a job black or white vote Trump!

Virginia Fritz said: The Pac will say or do anything to stop Trump. They must really be scared of Trump winning. The Pac is showing everyone just how desperate they are. I know for sure that Trump is the right choice for president. I will vote for Trump.

Patti Schivelbein said: Trump can befriend anyone he wants, just like you & I. This anti-Trump SuperPac is really getting desperate. Let’s just concentrate on the issues and the vote. Donald Trump for President! Trump Train is leaving the station. All aboard! Vote for Donald Trump!

Our Principles PAC voter guide attacks Trump for being….pro-Oprah. They are really getting desperate here. There are so many lies on this pamphlet all within the context of a 16 year old book he wrote.


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