RED ALERT: After Orlando, Establishment GOP Prepares MASSIVE Betrayal

After the horrifying massacre in Orlando on Sunday morning, liberals predictably began blaming guns for the slaughter. Instead of worrying about radical Islamic terrorism, liberals started to fret about America’s gun laws.

Breitbart reported that in a very worrying development, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has reportedly signaled that he is “open” to new gun control measures in the wake of Orlando.

The Orlando terrorist, Omar Mateen, had a Florida Security Officer license and Statewide Firearms License. He had also passed all relevant background checks necessary to own a gun, so it is difficult to image how more gun laws would have stopped this.

However McConnell seemed to be siding with the liberals on this one and was actually willing to entertain “suggestions” on how to limit America’s Second Amendment rights.

If McConnell were serious about keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists, as he has claimed to be, he would do things like work to stop immigration from countries that are hotbeds of terrorism and work to improve America’s national security apparatus.

McConnell later backtracked on his comments and insisted that he doesn’t want new gun control legislation, he just wants to trigger “due process” for people on the terror watch list who want to buy guns.

McConnell is little more (or less) than a career politician who will say whatever it takes to make sure he remains in office. It’s politicians like him who have ruined this country.

He is too afraid to stand up to liberals and their agenda, so he has decided to join them. McConnell needs to be voted out of office and replaced with someone who will actually stand up and defend the Second Amendment.

We don’t need more gun control. What we need is to allow Americans to defend themselves and we need to go to war with those who want to destroy our way of life.

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