RED ALERT! Hillary Clinton Just Rigged the First Presidential Debate, Trump Needs Us Now!

Hillary Clinton is once again trying to cheat her way into the Presidency. She just rigged the first Presidential debate…

VIA Liberty Writers News

She somehow managed to hand-pick her own moderator for the first debate scheduled for next Wednesday on NBC, and there is no chance this man is unbiased.

She chose Matt Lauer who, aside from being an anti-American socialist, is also a “Notable Member” of the Clinton Global Initiative.

There is absolutely zero chance that the first debate will be unbiased at this point. How could they when the moderator has money invested in Hillary?

You know they will do everything they can to avoid talking about Hillary’s pay-to-play crime syndicate (the Clinton Global Foundation), and I doubt they will even mention her emails at all.

(H/T – TheGatewayPundit)

This is why we need to share this article everywhere and expose NBC and Hillary Clinton!

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