Refugee Activist George Clooney Gets MASSIVE Surprise Right Next To His Mansion!

George Clooney is well know for this stance on immigration and refugees. In short, he believes on open borders and wants America to take in virtually a limitless amount of migrants, which is an easy position to have when it doesn’t really affect your millionaire lifestyle. Well, now it does!

Clooney never expect to have a refugee camp setup right next to his mansion in Lake Como, but that is exactly what has happened.

Here is what was reported…

From Breitbart:

A massive makeshift refugee camp has been established in Lake Como, the popular and secluded celebrity hideaway in Italy where Hollywood A-lister George Clooney keeps a home.

The migration of hundreds of people from Arab nations, Africa, and Asia was triggered following the Swiss government’s decision to close its southern border with Italy.

Now, waiting for smugglers to lead them into northern Europe, groups of migrants are camping out in tattered tents around the Lake Como resort.

Flimsy dwellings, clothes and trash are scattered around the Northern Italian town’s railway station, where dozens of new families and refugees have flocked.

The migrant camp is, oddly enough, just steps away from the front door of immigration activists’ George and Amal Clooney’s multi-million dollar lakeside mansion in Lake Como, according to the Daily Mail.

The couple was recently pictured drinking tequila while watching fireworks on a boat near the property alongside their close friend Bill Murray.

The Clooneys have taken refuge from the Hollywood spotlight in their summer home in Italy for years. Last year, Page Six reported that Clooney was mulling putting his Lake Como villa on the market due to ever-present and intrusive paparazzi.

It is unclear if the recent deluge of refugees pouring into town will have an affect on Clooney’s decision to sell or not.


Here is Clooney’s Lake Como home…


Now, we will see if Clooney’s stance on immigration changes at all since he now has a refugee camp setup virtually at his front door.

It’s easy to get up on a multi-million dollar soapbox and preach to the nation when you don’t have to live it yourself, but Clooney just got served a massive wakeup call.

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