Reince Priebus: “The Majority Rules” (aka WE DONT WANT TRUMP)

RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” earlier today. He believes it is extremely unlikely that the GOP will change the rule that requires a candidate to have the minimum of 1,237 delegates in order to win the GOP nomination.

“Having a plurality of the delegates means the field has the majority. You have to have the majority, it’s the United States of America,” said Priebus. “The majority rules, and that is an American concept I can’t imagine us turning our backs on.”

Donald Trump has said time and again that 1237 is an arbitrary number, and that he should receive the party’s nomination if he has more delegates than Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich.

Trump has turned on the heat when it comes to calling out Priebus the RNC, accusing party head honchos of rigging the scales in Colorado.  Trump says it’s an unfair system that allows Cruz to win all the delegates in Colorado when not one vote is cast by voters.  When asked about Trump’s comments, Preibus responded by saying, “I think it’s all rhetoric is hyperbole.”

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