REPORT – 27 IRS Employees Spent $1.4 MILLION On Travel, But It Gets WORSE…

Brace yourself. Here comes another sickening story of government employees squandering your hard-earned taxpayer money.

The 2015 Senate report shows that it only took 27 IRS employees to rack-up a travel expense bill of over $1.4 million. One employee “rented a four-bedroom, $1.07 million townhouse in Arlington, Va. for a year, costing $4,950 per month. Another stayed in a luxury apartment building costing $4,605 a month in downtown Chicago overlooking the Chicago River as per Biz Pac Review.

Aren’t these the same people who rake you and me over the coals for a dollar here and a dollar there? Busting us for improperly detailing our donation to the Children’s Hospital? What a bunch of white collar punks.

The report details the costs of their travel which include high-end luxury car services (like those which CEO’s take), fancy dining, and the absolute nicest of hotels.

Per, there are at least 674 hotels to choose from in the greater DC area. And, somehow, the IRS officials can’t find any of the moderately priced options. Seems like they are quite generous with YOUR money.

Breaking it down a little bit, one employee spent 166 nights at the Grand Hyatt in Washington to the tune of $38,799 taxpayer dollars. That’s about $230 bucks per night.

In comparison to their colleagues, that person was doing us a favor. Another IRS employee chose to stay at the Ritz Carlton. Yes, I said the Ritz Carlton. Take a deep breath. That bill totaled $43,726. Hope they got to keep the robe.

The report also listed “unusually high” charges for taxis, dry cleaning, and laundry.

All said, the report was not favorable toward the IRS employees. “Furthermore, the IRS made woefully insufficient efforts to reduce expenses in ways that would still allow employees to travel comfortably.”

So, if you’re keeping score at home, the only hotel of the 674 in Washington DC that one IRS employee could find was the Ritz Carlton. Are you shaking your head? This IRS expert, who could find that you made a $10 error in the accounting of ALL your numbers for an entire year, can’t use that same skill to find a moderately priced hotel?

This is the swamp that President-Elect Trump has vowed to drain. This stuff is mind boggling, ESPECIALLY when the economy has been so poor and wages have actually decreased in the last fifteen years. Stop the madness, Mr. President-Elect.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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